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Please note the following rules for use of the Community Centre.



The Community Centre is operating a one way system for entering and leaving the building. Entry is by way of the wooden gate to the right of the building as you face it from the car park. On passing through keep to the path and enter through the first set of emergency exit doors on your left, which should be open as you arrive.

Face masks must be worn in the building, and please use the hand sanitiser provided on entry.

Please each put out one chair for yourself facing the screen. Note that although there is no requirement for social distancing it is still advisable to maintain maximum distance between seats wherever possible. Note that chairs are sanitised by each class at the end of each session are therefore clean for our members to put out.

We would ask that members bring along the correct change i.e. £2. to pay your weekly subscription. This speeds up the process, prevents handling money, giving change etc. and reduces the chance of this area becoming a congestion bottleneck. You should then tick the attendance register for your name on the correct date and move away from the area to allow others to sign in.

In each meeting only one person will set up, use and sanitise the projector and laptop having sanitised their hands.


Weather permitting the emergency exit door should be left open along with a window on the opposite wall to create a throughput of air. Alternatively opening windows on opposite walls may suffice. Never wedge open an internal fire door.


The Ladies and Gents toilets are out of bounds but members can use the disabled toilet if necessary. Whenever leaving the hall members should use the hand sanitiser by the exit door. The kitchen is also not to be used other than for storage of club equipment.

At the end of an evening chairs must be cleaned by the members using sanitiser tissues provided by the club, before returning to the wall rack. Door handles, the club cupboard and light switches must also be wiped clean. Communal bins are provided for the disposal of antibacterial cloths. Members must then exit via the main foyer continuing along the one way system, having sanitised their hands once again.

If a member suspects or is confirmed to have Covid-19 symptoms they are asked not to attend future meetings until they have self isolated in line with Welsh Government requirements. They must also notify the club of the situation as soon as possible through one of the committee members via their contact numbers. All members are to provide a contact telephone number and in the event of a member being taken ill the club will contact trace all remaining members if necessary either by phone or via the members website. They can also notify any cancellations and advise on future actions.

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