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We had a good selection of prints for our recent competition, Landscape, Black&White, and Other. Below are the five best prints from the night, and a couple more which will go on to be our club entry to the Barriann cup which takes place on the 10th June. Congratulations to all the winners, and good luck representing the club in June.

These are the entries which gained at least 1 vote from our 'Autumn Colours' evening

Congratulations to tonights winners: Bob, Dave, John and Phil

These are the entries which gained at least 1 vote from our 'Use of Filters' evening

Congratulations to tonights winners: Elfyn & Brian

These are the entries which gained at least 1 vote from our 'Rule of Thirds' evening

Congratulations to tonights winners: Phil, Aland, Brian & Bob

Mid Wales Trip report

Seven intrepid photographers set out early on a sunny Monday morning for an adventure in Mid Wales. There are many superb photographic locations in this area including one which none of us had tried before – the military jets doing low level flying exercises in what is called the ‘Mach Loop’. The trip took place over three days so we took the opportunity to shoot as much as possible.

Art for Research Project

The club was invited to work on the above fundraising project, which was highly successful. The letter of thanks was sent to members involved

Dear all at the Whitchurch Camera Club


Please pass on our thanks to all that lent their expertise to make this event run smoothly.  The pictures that you took helped us produce cards that parents ordered and will help us provide a marketing platform for next year's event.


I'm attaching the certificate from Cancer Research UK to document your participation in this year's Art for Research competition  We'd like to thank you for your effort in supporting us to  hold an event that celebrates the creativity of young artists and the work research institutions do in combating cancer.  We raised over £1300 through this event and provided a platform to support and motivate children to create beautiful drawings and paintings.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with you in the future.


We hope you are all well


Many thanks


Sebastian Aplin

Chair of Art for Research, Cardiff

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